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Nail Enhancement / Permanent French  Extensions
Permanent Frnch Extensions

French refills prevent your artificial nails from lifting, cracking or breaking. They not only close the gap that appears due to the growth of your natural nails but also, fill in the white section of the artificial nail. This allows your nails to look natural, beautiful and clean.

Permanent French Acrylic Tips

In this procedure, the artificial tips are snow white in color, giving your nails a clean and beautiful look. This is similar to the Tips and Acrylic overlay procedure, except that the artificial tips are white. This lends an elegant and glamorous look.

Very popular as a sophisticated wedding nail art is the technique of permanent French nails. Considered very beautiful, the French nails treatment is a world-renowned special art where the tips of nails are pure white.

Pink-and-white sculptured acrylic nails, which are also known as "Permanent French" nails, are the most beautiful, natural-looking enhancements a nail technician can offer. These are highly recommended as, over time, managing the basic French tips can become expensive and time consuming. As the nail grows one might get gray lines on the nails, this requires the tip to be attained to or even replaced in some cases.

To make great nails look stunning, use white and pink gel French nails and create an offer your clients an elegant and long lasting French effect.