Acrylic Nail Extensions
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About Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Art Designs Acrylic nails are artificial extensions that are applied to the existing nails in order to increase their durability and strength while maintaining the natural look.

Gone are the days when only a certain section of the society could afford to flaunt their perfect nails. With recent developments like the Acrylic Nails, everyone can get nails of their choice. Acrylic Nails are easier to style and are stronger and long lasting in comparison to the other nail overlays.

In order to get a perfect set of Acrylic Nails, it is advisable to visit a certified and experienced tail technician as improperly done Acrylic Nails can often look artificial and thick.

Several nail salons offer acrylic nail services and gel nail services that will make your nails look beautiful and gorgeous. The following are the services we offer under acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Services

Tips & Acrylic Overlay

A layer of acrylic is applied to your natural nail. After which your artificial nails are applied to the edge of your natural nails with the help of glue. They are then shaped and trimmed in the way you want them to be. You will have long and beautiful nails after you paint them in the color that you want.

Acrylic Refills

Acrylic refills are required to close the gap between your cuticle and nail bed. This mostly happens due to the growth of your natural nail. If the acrylic applied to your nails starts to deteriorate slowly it may result in the lifting or breaking of your artificial nails. Refills are required to prevent all this. It is advisable to get acrylic refill every 2-3 weeks.

Buff and Polish

This mainly involves applying nail polish, shining and buffing (includes polishing to a shine) of the nails to give it an overall beautiful look.

Polish Only

As the name suggest, the nail polish of your choice is applied. If you are not able to decide on the color, your technician will recommend a suitable color that will be compatible with your skin type.

Nail Removal

In this your artificial nails are gently buffed to remove the acrylic. After this a manicure of your nails is done and the nail polish of your choice is applied.

Party Nails

Party nails are temporary nail extensions usually done for formal or special events. These do not last for more than seven days. Here, artificial nail tips are applied to the whole nail. They are then shaped as desired. Since these are not applied with acrylic, you have to be careful, as these are not very strong.