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Products / Advance Kit
  • Non-yellowing, crystal clear
  • Minimal buffing before application
  • Strengthens the natural nail
  • Appearance is very natural looking
  • Self-leveling
  • Strength of the gel is in the flexibility
  • Continually expanding color collection
  • No damage to natural nail
  • Does not cause fungus
  • Low-maintenance nails
  • Flexible and will not chip
  • Extremely low odor
  • A light-weight product on the nail plate
  • Fast and clean application
  • Does not inhibit natural metabolic activity
  • Correct application ensures no lifting
  • Easily and safety removable in 10 minutes

Most importantly the nail technician can do the same thing and increase the amount of money they can make too! We believe the market trends are stating the clients are looking for greener products that are healthier for their nails and themselves.

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