Beginners Course in Acrylic and Gel Nails
Advance programm in gel (Level-iii)
4 day Workshop - Beginners course in Acrylic and Gel Nails
Course Name : Advance programm in gel (level-iii)
Duration : 15 days
You Buy : 25000
  • Nail Anatomy
  • Shapes of nails
  • Express / Dry manicure
  • Nail prepping technique
  • Gel polish application
  • French polish application
  • Glitter effect on gel polish
  • French glitter application
  • Natural gel nail extension. (clear gel/pink gel)
  • French gel extension. (using vanity of pink gels & white gel)
  • French gel extension. (Using white tips + pink gels)
  • Glitter effect on gel ext.
  • Stoke / Stripes Art
  • Free hand Art
  • Dry Flower Art
  • 3D Sticker Art
  • Foil Art
  • Lines Art
  • Dotting Art
  • Checks Art
  • Rhine Stone Art
  • Animal Print Art
  • Glitter Nail Art
  • Mylar Nail Art
  • Gradient effect Art
  • Gel marbling Art
  • Matt effect with variations
  • Chrome effect with variations
  • Sugar Art
  • Studs / Swarovski applications
  • Bridal nail Art
  • Shell Nail Art
  • shattered Glass effect
  • Blossom gel effect
  • Embedded techniques
  • Embedded 3 D chrome effects
  • Ombre effect
  • Removal of gel polish & Art
  • Gel overlays
  • Removals
  • Refills
  • Use of nail forms (sculpting method)
  • After care

5 key points for learners for joining with us

  • All students will get E-notes for the course module.
  • We educate for Nail enhancement concept with proper technical know how and provide standard operating procedure for future use.
  • Training for Nail Enhancement can be finished in maximum 5 days with hands on practice and with confidence as we have trained more than 500 students across India with grand success and have been doing well with nail bars and some with there own setups.
  • We use our own products at the time of training. And provide kit at very reasonable price for continued practice.
  • We offer Certificate with International Accredited Organisation & having excellent value in any job openings.