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Nail Enhancement / Eco Odor Free Nail Extensions
1 Week Workshop - Eco Odor Free Nail Extensions, Nail Art Salon

Nail extensions often leave a disturbing odor due to the inherent materials. It is imperative to offer your clients an odor free nail extension treatment. At Nail Art Academy, we teach our students the "Eco Odor Free" nail extensions treatments by Star Nail. Several high-end international products and nail art accessories are available for odor free nail extensions.

Acry Gel Tips

Unlike traditional Acrylics, which have a typical odor, the Eco Nail System is the latest in UV technology. Gel nails are cured under an ultra violet (UV) light and are odor free, hardwearing and beautiful to look at. Its unique formula offers perfect nails every time. The convenient Gel base is extremely versatile, does not damage your natural nails, and is durable.

Products like the Eco Light Liquid are significantly less hazardous compared to conventional, solvent-based ones. These polishes are odor free too.

Another option to get odor free nail extensions is the Fibreglass treatment. Although not as popular as the Gel or Acrylic, several nail technicians offer natural looking and easy maintenance Fibreglass nails.