About The Nail Art Academy
Nail Spa & Academy / Nail Spa Course - Full Time
2 Day Nail Art Course - UV Gel and Acrylic Demo
Course Name : Nail Enhancement Crash Course
Duration : 2 day
Ideal for : Nail Technician
You Buy : A nail kit Gel & Acrylic nail art professional products worth Rs. 25000/-
Training : 3 hours per day

About the Course

This course is an introduction to the world of nail art and the opportunities available in the field of professional nail art through the nail art courses offered at Nail Art Academy.Nails anatomy, Client consultation, Nails prepping, Tips application,Filing/buffing Techniques, Gel/acrylic both methods, permanent French,pink n white look,Gel polish techniques for brides, all kind of art-floral,funky,bridal 2D,3D and Animal prints,Nail accessories application, Nails removal,Troubleshoots for difficult natural nails Etc.

5 key points for learners for joining with us

  • All students will get E-notes for the course module.
  • We educate for Nail enhancement concept with proper technical know how and provide standard operating procedure for future use.
  • Training for Nail Enhancement can be finished in maximum 5 days with hands on practice and with confidence as we have trained more than 500 students across India with grand success and have been doing well with nail bars and some with there own setups.
  • We use our own products at the time of training. And provide kit at very reasonable price for continued practice.
  • We offer Certificate with International Accredited Organisation & having excellent value in any job openings.